Mask or Run

Well it looks like the need to wear a mask outside is supposedly full on. But then it started to rain in Sydney. I mean heavy rain. So up to now there has not been much reason to be outside.

I have read two versions of the new mask rule. One says it is OK to remove it (or not wear one) while exercising. Another says a similar thing but uses the words “strenuous exercise”. So maybe they don’t think you should be mask-less when just walking. I guess that remians to be seen…

Well there is no way I am wearing a mask outside when on the move. And there is a way around it… I will just have to take a leaf out of Forrest Gump’s book eh…

Good advice from Forrest…

Come to think of it, if you saw someone running with a face mask on you would usually assume that they had just mugged someone or pulled off a robbery. Now – or at least in the near future – people are just going to think it is normal. That’s how crazy this covid crap is and that’s how crazy this mask rule is.

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