Charlie Watts. My Own Little Tribute

Two days ago the drummer of The Rolling Stones, Charlie Watts passed away aged 80.

Today I had my own little tribute to Charlie Watts. Like most people who like the Rolling Stones music I have been playing a lot of their songs on my iPod. – Yes! Some of us still use iPods!

The Rolling Stones are easily the biggest band the planet has ever seen. There was a huge rivalry with the Beatles during the sixties in particular. But The Stones longevity alone eclipses anything that any other band has ever been close to. And Charlie Watts was there from the start of the band’s success. He was one of only three band members to appear on every studio album they made (the others being Jagger and Richards). That’s almost 60 years of playing music and touring.

Even my seven year old son can recognise a Rolling Stones song. He likes them. I do try to point him in the direction of the great bands and their top songs.

They were still hoping to continue with yet another world tour recently until the covid thing kicked in. Only a few weeks ago the band was going to resume the tour in the USA but with a replacement drummer as Charlie was too ill.

Rest In Peace Charlie.

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