Three Years On – A Corona/Covid Lookback

I know what I have said in the past about mentioning the “C” word. But I realised the other day that the 3rd anniversary is upon us. (Or just passed us by, depending on when I actually post this one.) That is to say it was three years ago that Australia went in to official “lockdown” because of the coronavirus (aka Covid) “pandemic”. .

(“Anniversary”. Hmm…if that is even the right word? Is there anything to celebrate?)

That was the first lockdown, which was more of a mock-down to be fair. There really was not much evidence of covid – then known affectionately as coronavirus. The first lockdown was hardly noticeable in Australia. Many shops remained open but eventually (a little later if I recall) pubs, restaurants and gyms closed. Again no massive panic. But it did kick in a bit when they forced the schools to close. Even that did not last long though and pretty soon places reopened. It was not until the real lockdowns of 2021 that Australia had to endure the kind of crap that Europe and America had to put up with since March  2020. That was a real lockdown and was clearly aimed at coercing people into taking the vaccines. Which worked really well here in Australia. Th part about people taking them. No about how well that actually worked. No. By their own regular figures -whether you believe them or not – NSW Health data clearly shows many times more are dying of covid now than before people started taking vaccines. Before the 2nd lockdown in fact.

I also looked back on some of my posts around that time. We hadn’t been in Australia much more than a month. Although the endless media bombardment of what was to come began pretty much when we arrived.

Here are some links to posts abut this subject. I suggest you go back and read them. I was pretty much spot on the money back then – despite it being a very uncertain time. And I remain adamant: I was right then and I am right now. Just click on the links below to read those posts…

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And a few from exactly (OK, almost) three years ago…. end of March 2020:

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There are other updates, later, like April 2020 and so on. Just type covid” or “coronavirus” in the search bar if you are interested.

Of course for anyone paying attention the house of cards is falling down these days. So many real facts are emerging that you would like to think some people will be held to account. Please don’t hold you breath on that one.

If you want to know how I rumbled the scam, more or less right at the start, I can tell you. It was so simple. It was when it became obvious that there was no political opposition to the governments plans. None! ZERO! Absolutely f*ck all!

You see, when there is nobody in government asking pertinent questions or challenging the narrative; when all the main parties completely agree; then you have no real democracy. (The mainstream media were of course complicit too let’s never forget that.) In fact the main opposition parties around the (so called) western world were all screaming for even harsher and more strict lockdowns. Yes, there were the odd dissenting voices in various parliaments up and down the globe but I am talking mainly about the two main parties working together and singing from the same hymn sheet. And not in a war time, state of emergency situation. One where an enemy is bombarding your shores forcing their way in. The covid situation was always, always, far from being that clear cut.



In one of my posts (I think a little later than March 2020) I mentioned a now relatively old documentary that somehow stayed online during the “pandemic”, called The World After Armageddon. Here is one link to it but I am sure there are more if you search:

It remains the gold standard in documentaries on this kind of topic. If you have never seen it I strongly suggest you do. That is what a real pandemic would look like. And it’s a lot worse than pubs closing and no toilet paper on the supermarket shelves. Please remember that when our lovely, honest politicians do this to us again. Because they will….

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